Franz Kuncic

Driver Team Head


Success story:

1990-1992 entry into karting

1993 Austrian champion

1994 Austro-Cup runner up

1995-1998 Italian karting championship

1999-2000 Austrian karting championship

2001 entry into the formula sport

2002 3rd place Appreciation formula "König" powered by Volkswagen

2003 Champion of the formula "König" powered by Volkswagen

2007 4th overall RMC-Austria

Franz Kuncic jun. was born on 21.June 1985 in Klagenfurt and grew up from an early age on race cars in his father's home workshop. He got his first go-kart when he was 4 and was kart racing for 11 years. In 1993 he became Austrian Kart Champion. In 1994 he was Austrian Kart Vice Champion. Overall, he drove 130,000 km in go-kart. 4 years Italian go-kart Championship brought him a sophisticated driving technique, in a dense field with international riders.
From 2001 Franz Kuncic started in the Formula König for the German championship and raced in this series for three years. In 2002 he reached third place in the German championship. In 2003 he became champion of the formula König powered by Volkswagen. In addition to very strong international rider competition, the Formula König car was difficult to drive at high speed corners. Despite this, Franz Kuncic broke most of the existing track records in this class in 2003.


The enormous budget needed in 2004 for the Formula Renault 3.5 World Series class could not be achieved due to the economic situation in Europe after 9/11 and after the death of his father, who was also his coach and manager. From this point on, however, he had to concentrate on his education, his motorsport career was put until further notice on ice ...

Motorsport has always been part of his life, in 2014 he returned to his passion, so he decided to enter the drift sport and he built his own racing car with much diligence. Driven by his ambition and determination to achieve his goals, the number of people who share his passion and support him in his endeavor grows.



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